Francesco Fedele

francesco fedeleFrancesco Fedele is a member of SOPHIA’s R&I Board of Directors since its foundation. He has managed a number of EU funded projects and grants under the ESPRIT, TAP, ACTS, IST, LLP, EUMEDIS, TEMPUS and ALFA programmes. Francesco has a specific expertise on financial issues related with EU funded projects and has designed a tool to support financial reporting. He is an experienced Project Manager, an expert on elearning and learning methodologies, and he teaches management, organization, public speaking, leadership and technical subjects. Francesco has also more than 25 years of experience in providing consultancy on IT technology and organization. He is an expert designer of information systems and software products, including mobile apps. After some years as a software developer, system analyst and system designer, he has been Product Manager of a software design tool, Marketing Manager for a company developing IT applications for health-care, and then General Manager for a web development startup. He is fluent in Italian and English, speaks French, Spanish, Polish and Serbo-Croatian.