How to speed-up the adoption of new ideas in e-learning?

More and more we are hearing that the adoption of new e-learning ideas and practices in education and training is much slower that it should, and that the transformational innovation potential of ICT for learning is not able to boost education and training in Europe.

HoTEL wants to get experts’ opinions on the reasons for this.

The survey is available at questionnaire will take no more than 10 minutes, and all your data will be strictly confidentially managed.

Your feedback will help to us to inform future research and policy strategies in relation to how effectively reduce the time span of innovation cycles i.e. the time elapsed between the identification of technologies with some potential to support learning practices, the analysis of the pedagogical implications of their usage, the piloting of such technologies and their adoption. Please bear in mind that you do not need to be an expert in all areas addressed, as our goal is to gather the input from people with as diverse backgrounds as possible.