International Seminar on Social Literacy and European Citizenship, December 11th, 2013

On December 11th 2013 MENON organised the International Seminar on Social Literacy and European Citizenship.

The theme of social Literacy was explored during the seminar, starting from the results of the DAVID project, supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the EU. The debate contributed to draft a dynamic actionplan on how Social Literacy can facilitate Life Long Learning and how it provides for increased confidencein becoming active European citizens.

Prof. R. Carneiro, President of CEPCEP, opened the seminar by emphasising the importance of universal ethical and democratic values ingrain in our education system. L. Carvalho, the President of ILIDH, spoke of the qualitative and quantitative research carried out in the field of Social literacy in Portugal. The DAVID system was explained by Silvia Francario, researcher at MENON, who also described the Social Literacy Certification and Award Processes. Two relevant initiatives from the AEGEE-Europe (BE) and the Saxion University (NL) were presented, which have been reviewed under the DAVID system and awardedthe LED on VALUES labels.

More information on the DAVID Social Literacy European Database and on the LED on Values Certification and Award can be obtained by registering at