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TIHR is a nationally and internationally recognised independent social science research, consultancy and training organisation. It was established in 1947 as a company limited by guarantee and has charitable status. Its founding and continuing purpose is to apply social sciences to contemporary social problems. The TIHR’s programme of work currently includes projects with the public and private sector, community, voluntary and research organisations and industry in Britain, Europe and further afield.  Income is derived from its own resources, research grants and contracts for specific research, consultancy, professional development and publishing activities including the international journals– Evaluation and Human Relations. Its staff are social scientists from a cross section of disciplines and approaches including sociology, anthropology, complexity theory, psychology, political science, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, organisational studies and the arts working collaboratively across its main practice areas:

Research and Evaluation: A key strength of the TIHR’s work in general and our research and evaluation work in particular is a commitment to the utilisation and implementation of research findings in a way that helps organisations address the challenges they face. We want our research to directly impact on practice and policy.  Through involvement in the UK Evaluation Society (UKES) and the European Evaluation Society (EES), we are able to contribute to the improvement of the theory, practice and utilisation of evaluation and its contribution to public knowledge and to promote cross-sector and cross-disciplinary dialogue and debate by reaching the practitioners in the UK, Europe and further afield.

Organisational Development and Consultancy: with a robust history of affecting large scale systemic change TIHR consultants work with organisations from marginalised community led groups to multi-national corporations.  Consultants bring a sophisticated toolkit to the challenges of this work, helping organisations clarify and achieve their aims by bearing the whole system in mind; working with the organisation as a whole; with groups and individuals within an organisation; and at the boundary between different organisations.

Professional Development: Underlying all of TIHR’s work is a commitment to the dissemination of its ideas, theories and methodologies and to life-long learning and professional development. In conjunction with our research, evaluation and organisational development work, our portfolio of professional development programmes and courses are specifically designed to share what staff and the wider community of practice have learned and are learning — both practically and conceptually — with others who want to expand their own capacities, to effect change within their organisations or further afield into new initiatives around the world.

Publishing: The TIHR also publishes extensively. It edits and owns the international journal ‘Human Relations’, a leading social science journal founded in 1947, which is committed to encourage research that seeks to relate social theory to social practice. In 1994, in conjunction with Sage Publications, the TIHR launched the international journal: ‘Evaluation: The International Journal of Theory, Practice and Research’

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