HAEd – the Hellenic Association for Education

HAEdThe Hellenic Association for Education (HAEd) has been set up by a joint initiative of the Costeas-Geitonas School Organization, a private education institute running one of the most renowned school establishments in Greece, and the University of Dundee, one of the best tertiary education institutions in the UK and in Europe. This common effort comes in a relevant period for Europe and for Greece to address the expanding needs for quality and innovation in learning across the board. The challenges are high, both in the Greek environment, whereby up-skilling the human resources and building the social capital correspond to sine-qua-non priorities for the Greek society and its economy, as well as in Europe, to face the crisis and pave the way for the long term upheaval of social innovation and competitiveness.

HAEd is starting its activities and contribution to the afore-mentioned challenges by launching a four-year Primary Education Degree Programme, offered by the University of Dundee, for the academic year 2012-2013, while at the same time the Association is setting up a pedagogical and social science Research Centre, in order to facilitate state-of-the-art in education, as an interrelated policy area to other social and developmental policies, in both the Greek and the European context. Thus, building a reliable research, development and learning innovation capacity and thereby strengthening its academic profile as well.

Seat: 8 Doryleou St.,
GR11521, Athens, Greece
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Email: info@menon.org.gr

More information at: http://www.menon.org.gr.