ILI-FIM, Institute for Learning Innovation, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen Nuremberg

imagesThe Institute for Learning Innovation (ILI-FIM) is a research and development unit at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg with a specialised mission for ‘Development and Evaluation of Advanced Multimedia Open Learning and Qualification Systems’. It started 1975 as part of a large-scale national experimental development of multimedia study systems on university level. Since then the worldwide biggest homogeneous modular study system on basic psychology has been developed here, used by about sixty universities and other institutions in German speaking countries.

Since 1986 FIM is a regular unit with a special aim to promote qualification systems targeted to support coping with technology change (e.g. IT-Training) and to consult policy makers on regional as well as state level. It co-ordinates for Germany the G 7/G 8 project ‘Information Society’ (on ‘Transcultural Education and Training’) as co-lead together with France (all G7 countries + EU + Aus.).

Since 1993 FIM developed and set up the first nation-wide Multimedia learning network for home and office learners, using ISDN and the Internet, being complemented since 1995 by the project ‘TELCOM’ under ‘Employment / NOW’ to qualify for tele-working using advanced tele-Learning. Since November ’93 FIM operates the first community-computing network (‘Bürgernetz’) in Central and Western Europe, at the moment with 14.000 registered users. Under the regional initiative ‘Bayern Online’ this model was expanded to Bavaria as a whole. FIM as a relatively “lean” institution with around 50 employees (both from social and computer sciences) is equipped with data processing facilities on all levels (In-house mixed UNIX-PC network, network access via 2×10 Mb fibre optics, Internet database hosts, WWW servers, 270xB ISDN access). Socio-economic research, technology impact assessment and evaluation are the methodological and organisational tasks, with run through most of our activities, either as a integrated part of our own work at different phases of their life-cycle (quality management of processes and results), or as basic data for external services and consultancy.

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