Alejandra Davidziuk

Communications Specialist

Ms. Davidziuk works as a Project Officer in the International Affairs National Directorate at MINCyT, carrying out technical support to general project coordination. She is involved in different international cooperation projects in which MINCyT takes part to disseminate the FP7 opportunities, such as PRO-IDEAL, CoopAIR, Ideal-ist 2011, and ABEST. Ms. Davidziuk holds a Lic. in Communication Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a M.A. in International Affairs from The New School, New York, with a concentration in social and economic development. She is currently taking a doctorate program in Social Science at the IDES-UNGS (Argentina). She has over ten years of progressive experience as researcher, assistant to project management, and journalist, with special practice in virtual and onsite communication strategies and community relationship building. This experience is essential to her daily work at the international cooperation field, where she is actively involved since 2007.