Juliet Scott

Board of Directors

Juliet Scott is the Business Development Manager of The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, a not for profit organisation with a multi disciplinary staff whose work areas include research and evaluation, organisational development, professional development and publishing.    To this multi disciplinary team she brings her creative practice as an artist and writer and her emerging exploration of filmmaking alongside recent completion of the Tavistock Institute’s Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change (P3C). She applies this combination of skills, knowledge and theory to the development of the organisation seeing her work as organisational curation working with the outputs and expressions of research, evaluation and organisational development projects and using new technologies such as film, drawing, social media and storytelling. These expressions representing opportunities for knowledge transfer and relationship building.

Her art practice, still life, is about the nuances and complexity of relationship and in her consultancy practice she is interested in the process and cycle of organisational intervention (action research) and in the spaces and places that are enabling of creative change; in how culture is manifested in the organisation in objects, routines and rituals and the function of these objects in organisational life.

Juliet’s career includes considerable project management experience at a European level with a global professional services organisation and numerous creative projects including solo art exhibitions, web magazines, film making and storytelling.