Margarita Perez-Garcia

Senior Researcher

She has been working in the field of education for 16 years in all levels from primary through secondary to higher education. She has coordinated several European funded projects related to pedagogy and technology for the design of innovative learning environments. She has expertise in the use of personal technologies for learning and working, including user-centric implementation of Europass ePortfolio, online job search user behaviour, blogs, ePortfolios. She has also expertise in the use of social technologies and Virtual Worlds in education. Recently I coordinated MUVEnation: an European programme for training teachers in the use of virtual worlds for education with 107 teachers from 27 countries. From 2007 she has been regularly involved in research projects targeting education in virtual worlds, among which: Open Habitat and LLL3D. Her current research interests are the collection and analysis of teaching experiences in virtual worlds through narrative inquiry. Her PhD dissertation, started in 2008, is about evaluating the impact of second language immersive teaching, including CLIL, in Virtual Worlds.