Veronica Policarpo

PolicarpoVerónica Policarpo is a PhD in Social Sciences (Sociology), by the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon (2011). She is an Assistant Professor at the School of Human Sciences of the Catholic University of Portugal. Currently and since April 2013, she is the Director of the Research Centre of Public Opinion of the Catholic University (CESOP, UCP), where she has worked as a researcher since 2002. She is also a member of the board of the Research Centre of Social Work and Sociology (CESSS-UCP), where she coordinates the projects Personal Communities: transformations in private life, family relationships and intimacies; and Portuguese Around the World: mobility, politics, identities and life-course; and of the Centre for the Study of People of Portuguese Culture and Expression (CEPCEP, UCP), where she participated in projects such as Education for High Skilled Professionals in Angola; Learning For Well Being: international survey; Youths and Elders, mutual representations and intergenerational learning; cooperation with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations. She is a member of MenonEuropean innovation and research network. She is also a member of the Research Centre for Communication and Culture (CECC, UCP), where she co-coordinates an International Spring School in Communication Studies. Her research interests are multiple and interdisciplinary, including subjects such as transformations in private and intimate lives; families, personal relationships, social networks and personal communities; life-course and well-being; migrations and transnational mobility, ethnic minorities, prejudice, discrimination, social inequalities; advanced research methodologies in social sciences, both qualitative and quantitative. Her most recent publications include Sexual Experience (forthcoming in 2013), Portuguese Perceptions of Migrants (co-coord., 2012) and two chapters in the 4th volume of the History of Private Life (2011): «Sexualities in the making: between public and private»; and «Media and Entertainment», in co-authorship. Since 2013, she is a post-doc research fellow from the Portuguese Science Foundation at UCP and the Morgan Centre of the University of Manchester, with a project called Friends will be friends? Personal communities and the role of friendship in times of uncertainty.