Veronique Maes

Senior Consultant

Her experience in Education and Social Inclusion can be divided into three phases. Initially, responsible for co-ordinating international academic cooperation projects to contribute to the goals of policy initiatives such as ‘Bologna Process’, ‘Lisbon Strategy’ and’ i2010’ and for co-ordinating large European Higher Education networks and research partnerships. This work for the Coimbra Group (co-funder) was subsequently built on through work carried out for the MENON Network -university & research organisations- and contributed to developing and applying innovative research and networking in lifelong learning.
More recently, at the EC’s Education Agency as eLearning Project Officer, she was dealing with selection, monitoring and valorisation of projects under the eLearning programme. The last three years she has focused mainly working with Arcola Research llp, London more on carrying out research in the education and training fields in social inclusion area’s (study on the use of ‘Web 2.0’ in education and social inclusion, ICT for Youth at Risk and perception of Youth towards ICT) and a study for the European Parliament which focused on a review of all school systems of European member states in the area of Minority Languages & Multilingualism). With Arcola, she started: “” which is setting up a web community for teachers interested in integrating Web 2.0 in classes and “Links Up” which is exploring issues like: is Learning 2.0 really supporting inclusive life-long learning, is it really fundamentally changing the nature of learning and the educational landscape of Europe and, if so, what are the implications for policy and practice?
Evaluating projects for the EDULINK and for the Lifelong Learning Programme at EC gives the opportunity to keep a good understanding of key players in European Education Cooperation and a sound knowledge of innovative European initiatives. Recently joined Online Educa’ & eLearning Africa’s Programme Team.