Europa 2111 – Building key competencies in Europe through video documentary

Through the work of the partnership, the project focused on the development of new Educational tools and new forms of Training, combining the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the need to explore in its complexity the developing concept of European Identity.

The project sought to develop a pedagogical approach for Key/Transversal Competences acquisition, which is based on the use of media production and specifically on the production of Audio-visual Documentaries. By creating the methodological basis for this technical product, the project translated a specific technical process, into a learning tool. Moreover, in order to satisfy the need to study the changing perception of European Identity at its various socio-geographical levels, the main theme underlining the project was “Imagining Europe in 2111”.



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Adobe Acrobat Document Social Documentary as a Pedagogic Tool. A Methodology for Practitioners.
This document provides the basis for integration between monitoring/evaluation activities and project management.