CaribErasmus – Caribbean opening to Erasmus Mundus

The CaribErasmus project aimed to contribute to increase the awareness on European higher education opportunities and to enhance the attractiveness, the profile and the visibility of European higher education institutions towards Caribbean partner universities, students and researchers in a collaborativeperspective. This meant not through one-way promotion activities but rather through partnership building (the slogan of CaribErasmus is “promote and improve by sharing”).

The project was built on the succesful experiences of the VALUE (2007-2008) and ACCESS (2009-2010) projects, two Erasmus Mundus Promotional Actions focussed respectively on Latin America and on South East Asia, and was composed by four components:

Survey component: the project carried out an extensive survey among Caribbean students and researchers on perception they have about EU higher education and a policy survey involving key higher education decision makers to advance towards the definition of a common EU-Caribbean higher education area.

Promotion component: starting from the needs identified by the survey, a set of direct promotional actions were taken, in the form of three major promotional Conferences in the Caribbean (Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Haiti) and a showcase of best experiences of Caribbean students in Europe (through the production of 10 videos).

Web portal to increase EU-Caribbean exchange and mobility: this dealt with enriching already available information and collecting new information to create a comprehensive overview of the mobility opportunities in Europe for Caribbean students. Specific information and experiences that were of interest for the Caribbean students and teachers were collected and was promoted through  the portal in the region. This made sure that  opportunities to study in Europe was wdely spread in the target region.

Roadmap on future activities targeted to decision makers: this work was targeted to the higher education decision makers, from EU and Caribbean policy makers in charge to the rectors’ community, and  culminated with a Seminar in Brussels and with the production of a White Paper “strategy for the improvement of EU-Caribbean collaboration in higher education”.