DISCUSS- European Platform for Communities of Practice in Lifelong Learning

Dissemination and exploitation of projects results are currently the major mechanisms to make more valuable and increase the impact of project results. Nevertheless , it is also  indicated that there is a need for further improvement in the direction of cooperation between LLL projects and exchange with users that can significantly increase peer learning, capitalize on previous efforts, create synergies and develop new innovations. Moreover, there is a growing need for long-term collaboration among projects and target groups beyond the lifetime of projects.

DISCUSS project will bridge this gap by incubating communities of practice (CoP), helping to stimulate dialogue and exchange between beneficiaries and users of the LLL program: practitioners, researchers, experts, learners, stakeholders and decision makers. The major results of the project will be: five CoPs, each one dedicated to major priorities of the Lifelong Learning Program, a  state-of-the-art platform and collaborative tools which can be used by the CoP members to share project information and good practice, discuss and collaborate on common issues and get engaged through professional and social interactions. The project takes advantage of advanced community design based on the concept of “expansive learning”, which allows the communities to share knowledge and bring together expertise in a cross-program setting.

DISCUSS is expected to have a major impact both during the project implementation and after its conclusion. The target groups of the project are policy makers, stakeholders, practitioners and beneficiaries of lifelong learning, who will have a multifunctional platform that will enable information sharing, collaboration and social networking. The partnership has set clear, achievable and measurable targets: to form and incubate five CoPs involving 700 members till the end of the project and expand to ten CoPs and 700 members in the following two years after the end of the project.

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