Teach.us – Exploring the use of web 2.0 in school education

Basic knowledge, motivation and inspiration of the teacher are key factors when starting innovative educational approaches in classes. Other web communities on Web 2.0 teaching are often dominated by experienced members. teach.us is a learning community that focuses on beginners connecting them to advanced learners and experts. The project was a starting point in the world of teaching with Web 2.0. Teach.us is a web community for teachers interested in integrating Web 2.0 in classes at school. It wants to support Web 2.0 projects at schools and motivate teachers to use modern internet technologies in classes.

Teach.us offers a learning environment for knowledge sharing and communication between beginners and advanced learners. Teach.us is not a comprehensive website for all topics on Web 2.0 teaching. But it offers many links to external resources and other communitie and inspiration for teachers to start their own Web 2.0 project at their school.



The platform: