Q4I – Developing and testing a model for school innovation in Europe trough quality development

The Q4I project aims to develop, test and mainstream a quality development approach for schools that includes a strong commitment to innovation and that is based on the participation of all key stakeholders of the school (students, teachers and parents, employers and representatives of local community).

The project has five specific objectives:
1. to map existing models of institutional development in schools that have proven to work to embed pedagogical anf organisational change (covering 10 EU countries);
2. to develop a supportive approach for school innovation that goes beyond quality as compliance and enhances innovation, participation and excellence;
3. to validate the approach in a real-life school contexts in 25 schools in five European countries;
4. to create and launch a Network for Institutional School Innovation committed to sustain the project results;
5. to promote the knowledge produced among all interested stakeholders and to favour the multiplication and teh adoption of the Q4I approach beyond the project.

The project will produce the following results: a comprehensive report on school innovation models existing today in Europe, covering at least 10 countries; a development model for schools in Europe aiming at increasing innovation though open approaches to quality; a Conference on innovative schools development through quality; five national pilot experiences run in 25 European schools that will involve at least 250 teachers and school leaders; the Q4I Manifesto targeting EU and national policy makers in the field and the Q4I network, a meta-network facilitating knowledge exchange among grass-roots innovators along the Q4I innovation dimensions.