OSR – Open Science Resources – Shared digital repository for formal and informal science education

In an era where science education in adequacy in formal and informal contexts is becoming an increasingly challenging issue, harvesting the potential of digitalscience education repositories appears as a very attractive alternative. However, an impressive abundance of high quality digital content that is available in European repositories remains largely unexploited due to a number of barriers such as: the lack of interoperability between repositories, the inefficiency of current content organization and metadata structures as well as multi-lingual issues. The OpenScienceResources (OSR) project suggested a coordinated solution at European level in order to overcome the aforementioned barriers. For the implemention of the OSR vision, the consortium brought together a balanced mix of high quality science museums and science centres, pedagogues, educational technologists, metadata experts, user groups and standardization bodies. Project consisted of a:

a) study of the state-of-the-art in metadata ontological approaches coupled them with modern social tagging and folksonomies,

b) design of a set of “proof-of-concept” experiments to try out the different theoretical approaches that will be developed and implement them in the OSR Portal,

c) extensive validation of the proposed approaches in real-life usage contexts employing the user groups represented in the consortium,

e) documentation of the whole process, dissemination of the results, clustered with similar initiatives and stakeholders and, of creation of a pan-European digital educational content reference through the significant networking capacity of the OSR consortium.