ENLACE – Supporting Science and Technology cooperation between Europe and Central America

The specific objectives of the project contribute to the broad INCO-NET Framework Programme 7 (PF7)  projects goals: establishing bi-regional dialogues, as stated in the Work Programme for the International Cooperation Activities.
In particular, the matching between the INCO-NET goals and ENLACE activities can be described as follows:

  • Promote a bi-regional approach:
    • Supporting and facilitating a bi-regional EU – Central America RTD policy dialogue involving stakeholders from policy making, from the scientific community and from industry. As a prerequisite, a solid knowledge base about the scientific landscape in Central America and about opportunities and obstacles of cooperation needs to be built. This S&T Policy Dialogue Platform will develop in a framework where information and data will be constantly exchanged and disseminated (in Europe and Central America) in order to ensure the greatest visibility and sustainability;
    • Enhancing ongoing S&T dialogues and networks. In fact, consolidated relationships in S&T already exist, but they usually run at country level. ENLACE intends to re-shape this one-to one relationships into a comprehensive EU-central America dialogue through supporting a policy dialogue platform;
    • Strengthening the coordination of S&T cooperation and the complementarities with activities carried out by means of other Community and Member States policy instruments.
  • Facilitate the uptake and use of common identified research areas and the monitoring of performance and impacts of international S&T cooperation across the Specific Programmes of FP7 by:
    • Bringing together scientific priorities identified at policy level (top-down approach) and at scientific level (bottom-up approach) in Central America. This will lead to the identification and the prioritisation of common research areas of mutual interest and benefit and the uptake and use of common identified research areas;
    • Monitoring of performance and impacts of international S&T cooperation across the Specific Programmes of FP7.
  • Promote and structure the participation of CA countries in the activities of FP7 by:
    • Strengthening and structuring the participation of CA Countries in the 7th EU Framework Programme. These efforts will cover all Specific Programmes (Cooperation, People, Ideas, and Capacities) and involve supporting participation through general information dissemination.
    • Enhancing capacities in CA Countries through the setting up of trained National Contact Points for FP7 increasing the awareness and dissemination on FP7 activities.