RISC – Supporting the coordination of Supercomputing research between Europe and Latin America

The RISC project aims at deepening strategic R&D cooperation between Europe and Latin America in the field ofHigh Performance Computing (HPC) by building a multinational and multi-stakeholder community that will involve a significant representation of the relevant HPC R&D European and Latin American actors (researchers, policy makers, users). RISC will identify common needs, research issues and opportunities for cooperative R&D on HPC between EU and Latin America in the transition to multi-core architectures across the computing spectrum and relevant programming paradigms, algorithms and modelling approaches, thus setting the basis for the formulation of a global strategy for future research.


RISC project objectives : 

  • Deepening strategic R&D cooperation between Europe and Latin America in the field of High Performance Computing  (HPC) by building a multinational and multi-stakeholder community through capacity building, awareness building, networking and training events
  • Assessing the ICT collaboration potential for the two regions – EU and Latin America
  • Producing  a Green Paper on High Performance Computing  and Suprcomputing Drivers and Needs in Latin America
  • Producing a Roadmap for High Performance Computing and Supercomputing strategic R&D in Latin America
  • Identifying strategic research clusters in order to foster targeted research collaboration in these areas;
  • Enhancing HPC R&D policy dialogue between policy makers and stakeholders from EU and Latin American HPC communities



The Targeted Areas where RISC will devote its research are:

  • Computational Biology (includes but not limited to: advanced modeling of the genome, genome sequencing, modeling of epidemics, etc.);
  • Oil Exploration Advanced Modeling  (includes but not limited to: advanced computational methods and techniques for oil exploration, etc)
  • Natural Disasters Modeling and Simulation ( Includes but not limited to: Hurricane a Catastrophe Modelling, Air Pollution Modelling, etc.)
  •  HPC and Supercomputing – driver for Innovation (  Innovation and HPC, etc.
  •  Other research topics of interest for industry and academia requiring HPC and Supercomputing.