TRIANGLE – Fostering eLearning quality in Europe

The overall project aim was to contribute to the quality of e-learning in Europe by building a sustainable environment that can express leadership in this domain. The main objectives were:

  • to promote the European diversity of quality approaches and services in the field of learning, education and training,
  • to connect results and concepts on European e-learning quality developed in three successful projects
  • to broaden the discussion and discourse on ELearning quality
  • to provide a sustainable infrastructure as a single entry point for ELearning quality.

The project was based on work, which had previously been done in the frame of three European e-learning quality projects: SEEL, EQO and SEEQUEL. The projects were complementary in nature and addressed the subject of quality from different perspectives. They all have done thorough research in the field of quality in e-learning, established each a network of European actors and developed tools and concepts on each of their fields of practice.



Establishment of the organisation.