Read about the European Forum on Learning Futures and Innovation

The European Forum on Learning Futures and Innovation was organised on the 18-19 March 2013 in the Committee of the Regions in Brussels. The event was co-organised by MENON in the frame of the VISIR project, with the collaboration of the TEL-Map and Open Discovery Space projects and with the support of the European Commission (DG CONNECT and DG EAC) and the Committee of the Regions.

The event gathered some 120 participants from all over Europe and was an important moment to:

  • inform e-learning stakeholders about developments and trends that can affect their future strategic plans.
  • discuss and share e-learning perspectives and visions to foster innovation management and mainstreaming.
  • mainstream existing e-learning grassroots innovation practices, increasing awareness about opportunities for scalability and community building.

The Event Report will woon be available on the VISIR project website.

Please use this link  to download the presentations made at the Forum.