Bridge-IT project results available

Bridge-IT aims has been working for two years om:

Raising awareness among relevant stakeholders on the potential of ICT for social integration and cultural diversity, but also on the need to develop projects in this field targeting immigrants or organizations who deal with immigrants on a daily basis
Facilitating the encounter and better understanding among the key players of the value chain be at a national or European level.
Providing key players with a better vision and first tools on how to improve / deploy at a larger scale their own activities, or on how to duplicate initiatives coming from other countries.
Promoting the development of better and more accessible ICT solutions, services, contents that can contribute to the social integration of immigrants and to cultural diversity in Europe.
Developing policy recommendations based on the several output

The BRIDGE-IT results are published:
– Booklet on Good practices
– Guidelines
– National Scenarios
– Final conference outputs.

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