EquNet Final Seminar in equity in Higher Education

The seminar “Equity in European Higher Education: State of the research, problems, ideas and perspectives” was organised by the MENON network in the frame of the EquNet project, with the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission.

The Seminar aimed to aggregate the main European networks and organisations active in the higher education field and in equity-related activities, to discuss the issue of equity in higher education in Europe. The theme is highly relevant since widening participation in higher education is a major component of the educational policy in many member states of the European Union and of the Bologna-Process and should consist of an attempt to increase not only the number of young people entering higher education, but also the proportion of “under-represented groups” (e.g. people from lower socioeconomic strata, ethnic minorities or people with disabilities). At the same time, social inclusion is important to HE as still too many capable students are excluded from the higher education system due to their background, insufficient study support systems or other barriers.

The Workshop represented a genuine dialogue moment between Higher Education and social inclusion stakeholders, and reached a number of important objectives. First, it contributed, starting from the results of the EquNet research and of similar exercises, to refining the understanding of what would be needed in terms of EU and national policies in the field of Higher Education. Second, it fostered the exchange of research findings, working practices and ideas among relevant stakeholders and communities, in particular facilitating contact between the academic and the civil society communities. Third, it represented a step towards the materialisation of the idea of an HE equity indicator, as a way to actually “measure” equity in European higher education.

More info at www.equnet.info.

First MENON Researchers Day organised in Brussels

Seventeen researchers from the members of MENON met in Brussels to “align the MENON priorities with the actual researchers’ competencies” and to strengthen relationships between the different member organisations and within MENON. Researchers from Belgium, Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and Hungary were represented. Also, project ideas were discussed as well as innovative responses to European research questions especially in the area of new technologies and learning.

HOTEL project lauched

The HoTEL project, coordinated by MENON and supported by the European Commission, was launched in NOvember 2012. HoTEL is a Support Action aims to contribute to more effective, holistic and faster innovation cycles in European TEL, by increasing quality at the level of the cycle itself and of the different phases foreseen, that can be replicated in the future. Taking inspiration from the “Deming Cycle” model (Plan/Do/Check/Act) the HOTEL project focuses on the design, testing and validation of a new innovation working method for TEL (the HOTEL Innovation Cycle). The following partners are involved in the project:  Brunel University (UK), Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (ES), European Foundation for Quality in eLearning (BE), ATOS (ES), European Learning Industry Group.


Netsounds paper published on elearningeurope

An interesting article written by the scientific coordinator of Netsounds project Ms. Gemma Fiocchetta has been published on the elearningeurope.info portal. The paper aims to introduce to the field, still almost undiscovered, of the joint action and the binomial of music and technology and present the achievements reached by NetSounds project.

If you want to learn more about the paper, you can find the full version on the following link.