First MENON Researchers Day organised in Brussels

Seventeen researchers from the members of MENON met in Brussels to “align the MENON priorities with the actual researchers’ competencies” and to strengthen relationships between the different member organisations and within MENON. Researchers from Belgium, Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and Hungary were represented. Also, project ideas were discussed as well as innovative responses to European research questions especially in the area of new technologies and learning.

New MENON publication: APL and lifelong learning

A new publication on accreditation of prior learning and lifelong learning, discussing the Portuguese “Novas Oportunidades” Initiative from a scalability and Uropeaperspecive, was launched today. The publication, edited by prof. Roberto Carneiro and con-published by MENON, UNESCO-UIL and CEPCEP, will be presented and debated during an international seminal in Brussels on the 15th of November 2011.

The publication can be downloaded here (21MB).

The Learning School Initiative

The Learning School Initiative, calling for a worldwide federation of efforts to make schools fit for the future, was officially launched at the EFQUEL Forum on September 16, 2011.

It will be presented and discussed at the Open Classroom Conference taking place in Athens on October 27-29, 2011 and at the World Innovation Summit for Education in Doha (November 2011).

If you share the belief that school transformation is key in enabling a better future for our children, then join us! The invitation is open to:

Individuals (teachers, parents, students, citizens) willing to contribute with their views, experience and ideas on how to improve and transform schools to make them fit to the future.
Funding agencies interested in sponsoring the initiative.
International networks involved in education interested in contributing to the promotion and international coordination of the initiative.
Public institutions and organisations (Ministries of Education, Universities, Research centres) interested in supporting the federated initiative through promotion at national level, sharing of knowledge, research findings and expertise, identification of test beds for school transformation pilots.
Research/implementation projects active at local, national, regional, international level throughout the world sharing the aim of school transformation and willing to share knowledge, experience and results achieved as well as to discuss jointly with all other actors on how to face encountered challenges.
Schools of all grades (ages 3-18) in all countries of the world willing to share their experience, to act as test beds, discuss their daily problems and challenges and to be grassroots innovators.

More info here.