Understanding and mainstreaming innovation

MENON has been active since its creation in observing trends and dynamics in learning settings and in producing reports and recommendations, with the final aim of facilitating the transition of Europe towards a” learning society”. We believe that understanding change dynamics is essential to support learning innovation in Europe and worldwide. This vision focuses particularly on the linkages between how ICTs are used, and how they support creativity and innovation. The experience of the network in this domain is underpinned by successful research projects such as HELIOS, MATEL, Learnovation, VISIR. As a result of this work, MENON has facilitated the creation of two important entities, the European Foundation for Quality in e-Learning, and the Learnovation Stakeholders Roundtable.

We aim both at fulfilling the need for flexible and ‘just in time’ skills within the European labour markets and at supporting policy initiatives at EU and national level aiming to address this need. We support the ‘skills standards’ movement, working with actors including national governments, companies, and trans-national agencies such as CEDEFOP. In doing so, we tackle the ‘skills issue’ from various perspectives, from the policy level (as in the study on Benchmarking Policies in support of e-Learning) to the grassroots level (as in the KITE or the CETRA projects).