UNIQUe Framework

The aim of the UNIQUe Framework is to support institutions of Higher Education to measure their competence level in adopting the digital technologies and offer technology-enhanced learning as well as to allow for their continuous improvement.

UNIQUe is an accelerator for quality improvement and innovation. Providing education-wide benchmarks, it has been built in order to significantly enhance the implementation speed of the Bologna reforms in the era of technology-enhanced learning.

UNIQUe is also providing an integrating framework in relation to other quality initiatives in the area of technology-enhanced learning. The UNIQUe Framework adopts a broader institutional approach, taking into consideration a number of other institutional and feasibility aspects, not only related to e-Learning.

The UNIQUe Quality Framework – and the accreditation Mark – builds on the broadest stakeholder involvement. While the UNIQUe process is structured in six very distinct stages and offers a formalized approach in each of the steps – see in the UNIQUe-Information Package.

The UNIQUe Quality Mark provides accreditation as a result of the benchmarking process upon request, next to the continuous quality improvement mechanism. As already stated the UNIQUe Quality Framework focuses on innovation, ensuring continuous quality improvement, since it is a diagnostic tool for self-assessment of the institution.

It cannot be denied that an already varied range of approaches for assuring quality in eLearning is available. Some of the existing schemes focus heavily – if not solely – on the on-line instructional design aspects. Aspects such as technology, usability, accessibility cannot be overestimated in the context of technology-enhanced learning. However, even the most sophisticated approaches in these areas will not guarantee quality improvement for technology-enhanced learning initiatives.

UNIQUe is aimed at the institutional accreditation of universities for outstanding work in the use of ICT-based learning. Its quality framework is being articulated in three areas: Resources, Processes and Context.

The MENON Network, as one of the co-founding members of the UNIQUe Quality Framework and Mark, is also responsible for the continuous evolution of the UNIQUe legacy and its quality tools and can offer relevant support to the Higher Education Institutions which want to adopt the UNIQUe Quality Framework as a benchmarking, self-assessment framework, to proceed with a continuous innovation pathway though the adoption of digital technologies across all aspects of their learning offer.

Latest developments: contact nikitas.kastis@menon.org.gr