The MENON Network was created out of a successful ESPRIT (4th RTD Framework) Project, in 1999 as a non-for-profit EEIG (European Economic Interest Group) in Brussels, and it had been active as a European innovation and research network in the fields of education, training and lifelong learning, while contributing to the agenda of employment and human capital development, by providing information, evaluation, policy consulting and planning & development support to policy makers,  research communities, the industry and the European society at large. Delivering concrete results on issues related to learning, and how learning is linked to organizational and social developments in Europe and worldwide.

The mission of the MENON Network was to facilitate the evolution of the Knowledge Society in Europe and in other parts of the world, making learning a priority issue in policy agendas around economic, social and cultural development at both national and international level.

The MENON Network had also been active both at national level, through its former members, and at transnational level, where the EEIG had been coordinating co-funded projects, being also present in other collaboration and support-to-policy making efforts for the European Commission and international organisations. The EEIG had been working in more than 30 countries, where had animated an extended network of partners and experts and mobilized a number of key actors and networks. See the partners page to know more about that network.

The MENON Network had been successfully coordinating more than 30 research projects, being in charge of management, research coordination, dissemination, European and international networking and sustainability building. All these projects have produced tangible results and have had an impact on selected target users. See the projects page for more insights on that experience.