Members and Partners

The members of the MENON Network have been:

  • CEPCEP – Catholic University of Portugal (Portugal)
  • FIM, University of Erlangen Nuremberg (Germany)
  • HAEd, the Hellenic Association for Education  (Greece)
  • Scienter (Italy)
  • SOLU (UK)
  • SOPHIA R&I (Italy)
  • The Tavistock Institute (UK)
  • UNI-C (Denmark)

The MENON Network had been working with the following leading international organisations and associations:

  • EDEN – the European Distance and e-Learning Network
  • EDRENE – the Educational Repositories Network
  • EFQUEL – the European Foundation for Quality in elearning
  • EPICT – European Pedagogical ICT Licence
  • EUCIS-LLL – The European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning
  • ICDE – the International Council of Distance Education
  • VIT@LIS – the Europe-Latin American Network in the Information Society

MENON can count on an extended network of partners, covering the whole of Europe and a number of other international environments: