VETWORK – Strenghtening the relation between VET and the world of work

The proposal addresses the implementation and the governance dimensions related to the relation between VET and the world of work focusing on the area of integration between VET, WBL and in-company training.The reason for selecting and addressing this area is that it is the meeting place between VET and the world of work.

The project will provide:
– a set of success stories of integration showing innovative and creative elements and strategies to reduce the implementation gap existing between what is learnt through VET and what is applied (and needed) at the workplace;
– a benchmarking system matching the micro-meso needs of companies and VET providers (measuring effectiveness for performance improvement) and the macro-needs of European VET (methodological and organisational innovation, excellence, quality assurance, assessment and certification of formal and informal learning, mobility);
– a consensus building exercise involving networks representing relevant stakeholders in VET and the world of work on challenges and recommendations for the innovation of European VET
– an on-line Learning Community where VET providers, companies and relevant stakeholders can virtually meet and exchange practices in a benchlearning perspective.
– a set of recommendations to policy and decision makers for VET innovation in a more integrated perspective between VET and the world of work.
– a set of guidelines addressing VET providers and companies for integrated VET/workplace planning, implementation, assessment and certification practice.

The project is expected to have an impact on: EU VET providers, enterprises/employers and all relevant stakeholders that will benefit from the use of the on-line benchmarking tool, the VETWORK learning community and of the VETWORK guidelines and recommendations to improve integration between VET and work in their systems and on the getting a view on the stakeholders’ needs and concerns through the foreseen roundtable.